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 Online Korean Lesson (Free of Charge)

Online Korean Lesson
  Website Introduction
The Cyber University of Korea http://korean.cuk.edu/en/
- Supported in 5 languages
(Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish)
- The “Quick Korean” course sequence is designed to teach Korean, step by step, through 4 graduated levels of difficulty. Anyone who studies all the way through Level 4, the highest level, may be prepared to attain a Level 3.5 score on TOPIK. This website is free to register and login , and offers free on-line test to members who have taken “Quick Korean” classes by level. If you score high enough on the on-line test, you will be issued a certificate of completion for the relevant level for free.
Seoul National University
- Korean Language Education Center
  - The program consists of 20 units, each comprised of the following 6 sections:
Introduction, Vocabulary, Dialogue, Grammar and Expressions, Reading and Culture. Many websites do not teach you the pronunciation rules. Click Korean covers preliminary material, which are specially designed for people who have not been exposed to the language before. The creation of Hangeul and its formation are explained in brief and the vowels are presented. The consonants and basic pronunciation rules of Korean are presented too.
Sogang Korean
Program by
Sogang University
http://korean.sogang.ac.kr/ - Supported in English
- Sogang University has put together an excellent free site full of information and exercises to help you learn Korean. It offers introductory, novice and intermediate online courses. All lessons include Hangul text, romanizations, and sound files. However, in my opinion, the Sogang Korean Program is much more detailed, in-depth and complicated. So, if you have little or no exposure to Korean language before, go for Click Korean of Seoul University. You can try Sogang University Korean Language Program after you’ve learned the basics through Click Korean.
Let’s Learn Korean
(New) by
- Supported in 10 languages
- Let’s Learn Korean by KBS WORLD Radio consists of 20 lessons of different situations for you to learn and speak Korean fast, you will gain lots of Korean words and phrases that are sure help you in your travels around Korea. It’s a very great site for you if you have no time or just want a quick and easy free Korean Lessons for beginners.
Sejong Korean http://www.sejonghakdang.org/
- Supported in various languages for each course.
- Standard Korean learning curriculum of Nuri-Sejong Hakdang for studying all four aspects of Korean communication methods(speaking, listening, reading and writing)
Talk to me in Korean http://talktomeinkorean.com/curriculum/ - “Talk to me in Korean” provides more than 1,000 lessons you can use right away,
as well as textbooks, workbooks, e-books and video courses.
- Some contents are not free of charge
EBS Durian http://www.ebs.co.kr/
Durian website in which the support services for multicultural families are carried out by EBS, as a public Educational Broadcasting System provides Korean education programs for learning Korean language and culture as well as EBS multicultural contents for foreign nationals or immigrants and everyone who wishes to learn Korean language.
“Learn Hangul” by
Korea Times
http://ktband.co.kr/ - Supported in 8 languages
- “Learn Hangul” Course provides well organized Korean lectures about Korean alphabet, consonants, vowels, pronunciation, and grammar for learners who either start learning Korean or who wants to strengthen the basics of Korean language. With this course, you will learn accurate pronunciation and grammatical rules, words’ meaning and usage in a script.
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